ABOUT Company Description

Hundreds Capital is an investing institution founded in 2015 in Beijing, China, and is managing several RMB and USD denominated funds, with over RMB 10 billion AUM. 

Hundreds Capital focuses on growth investments including opportunities in Retail and Entertainment, Life Services, Data Technology, New Energy Vehicles, AI, Semiconductor, and other emerging industries. Employing money capital and human capital, Hundreds Capital is committed to supporting the growth of portfolio companies, optimizing allocations of social resources, and contributing to the upgrade of the economic structure of China.

CASES Portfolio
Supercell Supercell Supercell
Meituan Dianping Meituan Dianping Meituan Dianping
Kuaishou Kuaishou Kuaishou
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Tencent Music Entertainment Group Tencent Music Entertainment Group
Farasis Energy Farasis Energy Farasis Energy
Enflame Enflame Enflame
Data Grand Data Grand Data Grand
Jaguar Microsystems Jaguar Microsystems Jaguar Microsystems
Yipin Fresh Yipin Fresh Yipin Fresh
Ruston Express Ruston Express Ruston Express
Golden Education Golden Education Golden Education
Mininglamp Technology Mininglamp Technology Mininglamp Technology
Mobike Mobike Mobike
Yuanfudao Yuanfudao Yuanfudao
Mafengwo Mafengwo Mafengwo
Pinduoduo Pinduoduo Pinduoduo
Ziroom Ziroom Ziroom
Futu Securities Futu Securities Futu Securities
Beike Beike Beike
Xingsheng Youxuan Xingsheng Youxuan Xingsheng Youxuan
Yunxuetang Yunxuetang Yunxuetang
Fenbi Fenbi Fenbi
XYLink XYLink XYLink
Gearkun Gearkun Gearkun
Innochip Technology Innochip Technology Innochip Technology
Sine Microelectronics Sine Microelectronics Sine Microelectronics
Prochip Group Prochip Group Prochip Group
teams & experts TEAM
HE, Yanqing HE, Yanqing Founding Partner Chairman
YU,Ben YU,Ben Managing Partner
HUNAG, Wei HUNAG, Wei Managing Partner
ZHAO, Wenjun ZHAO, Wenjun Managing Partner
CULTURE Corporate Culture
We are committed to supporting growths of portfolio companies and maximizing returns for our investors. In this manner, we would like to optimize allocations of social resources and contribute to the upgrade of economic structure of China.
Corporate Vision
Attain enlightenment from small; Strive for virtue and excellence. We strive to become one of the most renowned and reputable investment company.
Corporate Core Value
  • 01Diligence
    To align both personal goals and organizational goals, we support and respect our staffs and inspire them to take pride in works. While pressures might be heavy, and timelines might be tight, our staffs could honor their duties and endeavor to achieve the best outcomes.
  • 02Professionalism
    We value adaptiveness and innovation, as they promote each other in a changing society. We welcome all new environments and challenges, as we value investments horizons and expertises. We are emotionally attached to what we do, as we expect a continuous improvement in our professionalism and adaptabilities.
  • 03Prudence
    We establish our prudence according to the principles of integrity, independent value judgment, service orientation, social responsibility, self-control, responsibility, adaptability and innovation. In this light, we focus on reducing uncertainties, making prudent and independent investment decisions in a timely manner, and creating a stable, collaborative, and transparent team work and investment culture.
  • 04Mutual Interests
    We grow mutual interests for our investors, investee companies and employees. We strive to achieve sustainable return for investors, stand with our portfolio companies and provide excellent career development plan for our employees. Building a win-win and harmonious platform, we and everyone of us could do our best to pursue the best long-term interests for every involved parties.